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The Fractsidus is an organization that aims to accelerate the next Lament - dubbed the "True Lament" - by resurrecting the Threnodians. They have caused attacks of various scales across the world.

One of their other goals is their desire to have Rover join their cause. This goal persisting through acts II through V (and more) of Huanglong I.

The Fractsidus' strongest belief is that, to attain the next level of human evolution, individuals must absorb Tacet Discords into themselves, engaging in a transformative struggle. They are infamous for using Masks of Constraint in order to suppress the body's natural rejection of merging with a Tacet Discord. A major side effect of these masks is the suppression of natural human emotions.

There are two known ranks within the Fractsidus. "Artificers", a lower rank and "Overseers", leaders of the Fractsidus.

They are deemed enemies of Jinzhou, courtesy of Jinhsi, due to their aggravated actions against the region.

Known Members[]



  • Fractsidus Executioner
  • Fractsidus Cannoneer
  • Fractsidus Gunmaster
  • Fractsidus Thruster


  • Fractsidus is a name derived from Latin and roughly translates to "Fractured Star."