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Huanglong is one of the six nations on Solaris-3.


Huanglong is comprised of several cities, with one being its capital and with city having its own Sentinel.[1] The Mountains of Spirit running from north to south divides Huanglong into Inner Huanglong and Outer Huanglong.[citation needed] The Central Hall and the other five cities are in Inner Huanglong, while Jinzhou is in Outer Huanglong.


City Sentinel Magistrate Governing Body Midnight Rangers General
Jinzhou Jué Jinhsi City Hall Jiyan



Central Plains[]

Desorock Highland[]

Dim Forest[]

Gorges of Spirits[]


Norfall Barrens[]

Port City of Guixu[]

Tiger's Maw[]

Whining Aix's Mire[]

Wuming Bay[]

Mt. Firmament[]


Playable Resonators[]

13 Resonators match the category selection:

Icon Name Rarity Attribute Weapon Birthplace Class Type
Baizhi Icon Baizhi Icon 4 Stars Glacio Rectifier Huanglong Mutant Playable
Changli Icon Changli Icon 5 Stars Fusion Sword Huanglong Natural Playable
Chixia Icon Chixia Icon 4 Stars Fusion Pistols Huanglong Mutant Playable
Danjin Icon Danjin Icon 4 Stars Havoc Sword Huanglong Mutant Playable
Jianxin Icon Jianxin Icon 5 Stars Aero Gauntlet Huanglong Natural Playable
Jinhsi Icon Jinhsi Icon 5 Stars Spectro Broadblade Huanglong Congenital Playable
Jiyan Icon Jiyan Icon 5 Stars Aero Broadblade Huanglong Mutant Playable
Lingyang Icon Lingyang Icon 5 Stars Glacio Gauntlet Huanglong Natural Playable
Sanhua Icon Sanhua Icon 4 Stars Glacio Sword Huanglong Mutant Playable
Taoqi Icon Taoqi Icon 4 Stars Havoc Broadblade Huanglong Natural Playable
Yangyang Icon Yangyang Icon 4 Stars Aero Sword Huanglong Natural Playable
Yinlin Icon Yinlin Icon 5 Stars Electro Rectifier Huanglong Congenital Playable
Yuanwu Icon Yuanwu Icon 4 Stars Electro Gauntlet Huanglong Natural Playable

Upcoming Resonators[]

2 Resonators match the category selection:

Icon Name Rarity Attribute Weapon Birthplace Class Type
Xiangli Yao Icon Xiangli Yao Icon 5 Stars Huanglong Upcoming
Zhezhi Icon Zhezhi Icon 5 Stars Huanglong Upcoming




As the primary military force, the Midnight Rangers are tasked with protecting the nation from external threats. This military branch is integral to Huanglong’s defense strategy, deploying wherever the nation’s enemies pose a threat. The Midnight Rangers garrison in Jinzhou is led by General Jiyan.


  • Huanglong (zhs: 黄龙) (zht: 黃龍) is a scenic and historic interest area in the northwest part of Sichuan, China.


  • Huánglóng (Chinese: 瑝珑) is the sound of tinkling jade.
  • The (Chinese: 𤣩) radical represents jade-related words. Lóng (Chinese: ) is "sound of tinkling jade", or "a jade with dragon design used to pray for rain".
  • Without the (Chinese: 𤣩) radical, Huáng (Chinese: ) is "king", and Lóng (Chinese: ) is "dragon".
  • Huánglóng (Chinese: 黄龙) is "Yellow dragon".

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial Name
Emoji EN Flag  EnglishHuanglong
Emoji ZHS Flag  Chinese (S)瑝珑
Emoji ZHT Flag  Chinese (T)瑝瓏
Emoji JA Flag  Japanese瑝瓏こうりゅう
Emoji KO Flag  Korean황룡
Emoji FR Flag  FrenchHuanglong
Emoji DE Flag  GermanHuanglong
Emoji ES Flag  SpanishHuanglong

Change History[]

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

  • Huanglong was released.


  1. Main Quest Prologue — Act I: Utterance of Marvels: I